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Dr. Magdy Mikhail

Dr. Magdy Mikhail

Born in Cairo , Egypt , Dr. Magdy Mikhail’s interest in medicine dated back to his days in high school. Encouraged by his father , he entered medical school in 1980 at Ains Shams University in Cairo, where he received the Award for Outstanding Academic Performance. He graduated with honors in Jan. of 1986.

After finishing the required internship, he went on to complete a masters degree in critical care and anesthesiology in 1990. During this time in Egypt, he served as an assistant lecturer for the critical care and anesthesiology residency program.

In June 1991 Dr. Mikhail decided to leave his home town and relocate to the United States. This was not an easy task because it meant he would have to begin his training all over again. He began his residency in internal medicine at the Western Pennsylvania Hospital in Pittsburgh , PA

During his residency, he worked at the Hill House, which is located in an impovershed area of the city . There he provided medical attention to the homeless and those who could not afford health care on their own. Dr. Mikhail also made house calls to patients who could not come in for an office visit.

" I realized how difficult it was for some of these patients to get into the office to see me and how easy it was for me to get to them. Helping and healing people and making a difference in somebody’s life are few of the reasons I wanted to become a physician in the first place" he says.

Once he completed his residency in 1995, Dr. Mikhail became an attending physician at West Penn Hospital, where he worked until he relocated to the Mississippi Gulf Coast in April of 2002. He chose the coast to be near his family.

The people of the Gulf Coast of Mississippi have made me and my family feel welcome and right at home.